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Music for a Funeral

The passing of a loved one is a very stressful time, and making the necessary arrangements can understandably be upsetting. Music can play an important role in the funeral service, helping to create a dignified, moving farewell, bringing comfort to those left behind and honouring the life of the deceased.

The Role of the Singer 

Let me guide you through the process of selecting the most meaningful hymns and music for the service. With over 15 years’ experience singing at funerals and church services around Dublin and with a thorough knowledge of both liturgical and appropriate non-liturgical repertoire, I can also organise the musical accompaniment for you; more often than not this will be the resident organist, but I also work with a team of accompanists including piano, guitar, violin or string quartet. Additionally, I will liaise with the funeral director over the course of the few days and also with the priest or minister on the morning of the service to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

You can download my list of suggested songs and hymns for a funeral mass or service HERE